I discovered Al Barrett custom fly rods from eBay where is was selling a 4 piece Winston 5 wt fly rod. I was so pleased with the craftsmanship that I looked at his website and saw all of the options I had for some custom rods. I had him build me a 4 piece 4 wt 9 ft from the blanks he carries. I was so pleased with it that a year later I had him build me a 6 wt 4 piece rod 9 1/2' This was in February of 2014 the year that the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I dedicated my beautifully built rod to the Seahawks.

I can't recall the brand of the blanks Al used, but I told him how often I fly fish and that I like good equipment, but not the top of the line price wise. I am your average fly fisher, I had a few Sage rods before I had Al custom build my rods. In my opinion, not only are these rods beautiful, but they cast well and definitely get the job done. My fly fishing partners were so impressed with his custom rods, they each had Al build them some rods.
I will definitely buy more rods from Al Barrett Custom fly rods!

Ernie Mamallo, Seattle, Washington

I have purchased a number of fly rods, from a 3 weight to a 7 weight over the last ten years and have been extremely satisfied with all of them.  The last were purchased this year.  I believe that these rods more than compete in cost and quality. I really appreciate the ability to select the blank used to build my rods.  - A satisfied fly fisherman

Dale Johnson, Twisp, Washington

Bueno, la primera caña que compre fue para mi papá para el día de padres. El dueño de Barrett Custom le grabo un mensaje personal en la caña y escogí colores que representan a mi papa para mí. Me gusto tanto que tuve que comprarme uno también. El mio trae rojo, blanco y verde con una inscripción personal también. La calidad es increíble así que representa un buen regalo para si mismo, para familia o una amistad. Al/a que le guste pescar, una caña de Barrett Custom Fishing Rods les caería como anillo.

Dianne Lafaurie, Berkeley, California

I think I own about 7 custom rods from Al Barrett...one custom bait caster is on the bottom of Lake Koocanusa probably with a big trout (now dead) still attached to it. I nearly risked drowning and getting hypothermia to rescue it.  I have had bait casters, light spinning, heavy spinning and fly rods made by Al. They are awesome. The attention to detail wrapping and epoxy are second to none. I have had a couple different brands of blanks used and never been disappointed. My 4 piece fly 5wt fly rod is awesome. It made me put my G Loomis GL3 in the 'backup' case.

Kevin K, Deer Park, Washington